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How do I set up JStella as an applet?

Download the most recent JStella JAR.  Put the JStella JAR and the desired ROM file in the same directory as the web page.  Add the an applet tag to the web page that resembles the following::

<applet archive="jstella_0_7.jar" code="jstella.runner.JStellaApplet.class" height="480" width="480">


Your browser doesn't seem to support applets.

Replace "
jstella_0_7.jar" with the name of the jar file most recently downloaded. 

Replace the "myROM.bin" part with the filename of your ROM.  

Replace the width and height as needed.

The writing in red will be shown to browsers that aren't capable of running applets.

Make sure that the capitalization of the letters matches your setup exactly.



<applet archive="jstella_0_7.jar" code="jstella.runner.JStellaApplet.class" height="490" width="580">
<PARAM NAME=ROM  VALUE="sevenstoreymountain.bin">
Your browser doesn't seem to support applets.


Is is legal to setup JStella with copyrighted ROMs on a web site?

If you are the holder of the copyright, or you have been given permission to copy the ROM indiscriminately, then yes.  Otherwise, probably not.  If the ROM is "homebrew", ask the creator for permission.


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