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JSTELLA DOESN'T START   Make sure you have the most recent version of JStella and the most recent version of Java, which can be obtained for free from
THERE WAS AN ERROR PLAYING THE ROM   Assuming the ROM isn't defective, it may be the case that the ROM uses some code that isn't YET supported by JStella, or that JStella was unable to detect the ROM type.  Please post a message on the forum at SourceForge's JStella Project (see link in side bar).



APPLET WON'T LOAD   Make sure you have the most recent version of Java.  JStella requires Java 5 or greater. 
MY APPLET WILL LOAD, BUT THE ROM WON'T   If you are putting the applet on your web site, make sure you have the correct capitalization in the .html file tags, and that the ROM, JAR, and the web page are all in the same directory. 

Try to run the ROM with JStella in stand-alone mode.  If it doesn't work there either, it probably isn't an applet issue.   Logo